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   Successfully felling a tree requires a lot of hands-on experience, professional knowledge, and planning ahead due to the physics of each tree. Thus, each tree removal is a unique puzzle to be solved. Your local professional arborist, Roy Graves, with over 25 years of experience, and his team have proper knowledge and equipment to remove your trees in a safe and timely measure.   

   Call the experts, A+ Lumberjack Roy, to remove your trees instead of risking injury to yourself or your property. Damaged, dead, and diseased trees may not only curve your curb appeal, but can possibly injure you, your property, and other trees. We are fully insured for your protection.

   Leave it to the professionals, so you can relax, barbecue, etc. while we restore your property to its former glory. Also, enjoy knowing that when we meet you, you will receive a professional assessment and a FREE estimate.

   Roy knows the proper procedures and intricate roping techniques to remove difficult and unusual trees. Therefore, we don’t need a costly bucket truck or a crane to complete excelled tree removal projects like many of our competitors. Thus, we are further able to save you money while you enjoy your lawn again.

      Here’s a few ways we save our clients more money than our competitors. We have purchased a Spider Lift, that so far no one else owns in this area. It drives on rubber tracks, & fits through a 36 inch gate! So, if we need a boost above ladders, we usually don’t have to spend time & money taking gates & fences apart, to get heavy equipment like bucket trucks & cranes in the yard like competitors. Also, our “Sky Rocket” – Spider Lift gets into areas of trees faster & easier. Thus, a further money saver.

Call Us First! We Really Go Way Out On A Limb For Our Customers!

 A+ Lumberjack Roy Focuses On High Quality Tree Services For You At An Honest Fair Price. Serving These Central Texas Areas: San Marcos, Wimberley, Woodcreek, Kyle, Mountain City, Buda, New Braunfels, Canyon Lake, Lake McQueeney, Martindale, Fentress, Prairie Lee, Lockhart, Maxwell, Reedville & Seguin. Hays County, Guadalupe, Comal & Caldwell Counties.






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Comprehensive Tree Removal Services

  • Tree removal close to valued property: We are highly experienced in carefully and safely removing trees that are too close and intrusive to your home, business, tool shed, power lines, fences, pool, septic tank, and encroaching neighbor’s property, etc.
  • Diseased or dying tree removal: Have expert arborist, Lumberjack Roy, give you a FREE assessment and estimate for these problem children. It’s important to have them attended to as quickly as possible, not only for your safety, but to save you money in the long run. As mentioned above, in most cases we can remove them using roping techniques. We may need to bring our Spider Lift to take it down strategically easier, & still continuing to save you money.
  • Lot clearing: Removal of trees and intrusive underbrush. Preparation and beautification of property for home, business, foundation, or additions such as new garage, carport, driveway, tool shed, pool etc. Often, lot clearing is done around existing fences to prevent destruction. Another important option is to remove trees along your planned new fence line area. Lot clearing is often needed for installing french drains. More importantly, removing trees near septic systems & lines to prevent roots from growing into them, can prevent an expensive disaster. Depending on the unique circumstances of each property, we may use a bobcat to do the project, or just chainsaws, or both.
  • Additional Bobcat projects: Roy is a very skilled Bobcat operator. We offer – mostly to our established customers – such Bobcat services for excavation, French drains, rock spreading for rock gardens, and rock driveways.
  • Stump grinding: We can normally flush cut stumps to the ground level, so you can easily mow over them safely. However, give us a call if you need stump grinding services, and we’ll set it up for you.
  • Firewood: We have just about anything for barbecue and building a fire, year round. Wood is often purchased for special projects such as coffee or end tables, fireplace mantles, cake plates for weddings or special occasions, and even candle holders. We will cater to your imagination. Call for current affordable prices. We sell firewood by the cord or half cord, delivered or for you to pick up.