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Tree Trimming & Sculpting

A + Lumberjack Roy will make your trees look like a beautiful fantasy land. 


Custom home by Builder,Cliff Adare; Wimberley, Tx. Hill Country

Before Trim; Country Estates; San Marcos, Tx.

After Trim; Country Estates; San Marcos, Tx.

Roy Graves Hangs 10; Country Estates; San Marcos, Tx.

Treat Your Trees to a Healthy Makeover

   Proper trimming of trees not only spices up your curb appeal, but is essential for healthy, strong growth. Pruning reduces the risk of dead or weak branches from falling on your loved ones. It also reduces property damage and problems with other trees.

   Researchers have revealed that thinning out specific live branches and overall trimming reduces density. Thus it improves wind resistance, and minimizes potential storm damage. Obviously, there are no guarantees.

   Allow your local expert arborist, Roy Graves, to advise and resolve these delicate issues for you, so you, your property, and trees aren’t at so much risk. We would rather see you relax, barbeque, and enjoy your lifestyle (like our many repeat customers do).

   Whether you decide to have us attend to one or a few trees at a time, or all of them, we are happy to help you reach your goals. We’re ready to turn your property into a beautiful fantasy land! You can trust our experience of over 25 years. We are fully insured for your protection. Call Roy Graves any time for your FREE estimate. 512-396-1830.

After Trim; Country Estates; San Marcos, Tx

   Please keep in mind that we often save our customers money, as we have a Spider Lift that gets into tree spaces faster and easier than using ladders and/or rope and saddle techniques, which most competitors use. So far, we are the only company in the area that has such equipment, which comes in handy for larger tree trimming jobs and our other services. In most cases, when we need a boost above ladders, we are able to fit the amazing Spider Lift-“Sky Rocket” through a 36 inch gate! Thus, most of the time we’re able to save our customers time and money, as we usually don’t have to take gates and fences apart to bring in bucket trucks and cranes into some areas.

A+ Lumberjack Roy Focuses On High Quality Tree Services For You At An Honest Fair Price. Serving These Central Texas Areas: San Marcos, Wimberley, Woodcreek, Kyle, Buda, New Braunfels, Canyon Lake, Lake McQueeney, Martindale, Fentress, Prairie Lee, Lockhart, Maxwell, Reedville & Seguin. Hays County, Comal & Caldwell Counties.

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Comprehensive Tree Trimming & Sculpting Services

Before Trim

Please review our comprehensive services below to maximize your customized needs and your future endeavors.

After Trim

  • Tree trimming: Removal of dead limbs. Reshaping of trees, raising and shaping canopies. Elevating the canopies is frequently done to ease walking and mowing in lawn, as well as sidewalks, driveways, picnic, and pool areas.
  • Roof line clearance: Restoring proper relationship of tree limbs growing over your home, business, or tool shed. Removing dangerous limbs as well.
  • Power line clearance: Restore proper relationship of limbs growing into power lines, reducing risk. Remove high risk limbs.
  • Fence line clearance: Remove dangerous limbs over fence lines and intrusive limbs from neighboring properties.
  • Suckling Removal: Removing new growth on the trunk and branches. Allows rest of the tree to thrive more, reduces density and unwanted branches in the future.
  • Ball moss and mistletoe removal: Often, a lot of it will come off by removing dead limbs. We recommend allowing us to professionally cut and hand pick the rest of it off. Roy Graves and his team are very thorough. We don’t encourage chemically spraying it or power washing it off as these methods are not nearly as effective.
  • Filling holes and gaps in trees: It’s necessary to fill or cap off holes in the trunk or branches to avoid rotting and to discourage insects from building a home in your trees. That can be detrimental. Get our professional advice in person to be sure if the tree or limbs may need to be removed instead of holes filled.
  • Tree cabling and bracing: Proper cabling can help support some limbs or redirect them. Sometimes used for split trunks. Please get our expert advice in person and allow us to strategically cable it with appropriate technique and materials. We ask the same for bracing limbs. These need to be assessed on a regular basis as the tree continues to grow.
  • Tree sculpting: Extreme and more decorative trimming, making your trees most picture perfect. In our opinion, it’s like a fantasy land – absolutely beautiful! This service is most captivating with our Central Texas native oaks. However, we have sculpted a huge hack berry into that “fantasy land.” Most customers select this option for one to three favorite feature trees. Often, the term tree sculpting has been confused with tree sculpturing. (Tree or wood carving into chosen artwork.) We will be happy to introduce you to one of the best wood carving artists in Central Texas. We take care of his prep work prior to beginning his custom designs.
  • Firewood: We have just about anything for barbecue and building a fire, year round. Wood is often purchased for special projects such as coffee or end tables, fireplace mantles, cake plates for weddings or special occasions, and even candle holders. We will cater to your imagination. Call for current affordable prices. We sell firewood by the full cord or half cord, delivered, or for you to pick up.